The most complicated and most valuable channel in digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or affectionately referred to as “The Quantum Physics of Marketing” by our team.  We are certified by Google in SEO and can implement this channel from soup to nuts or offer pieces to help your team make strategic decisions.  

  • SEO Plan - a detailed analysis and plan mapping out what to do and why. Includes audit, competitor and category research, keyword suggestions and roadmap.

  • Keyword Research - an overview of what keywords matter to the client and category, who the big players are and what keywords they should use with corresponding search volume

  • SEO Audit - a detailed analysis of an existing website for SEO purposes, includes technical issues, keywords, content and opportunities to move forward

  • SEO Execution - an estimate of hours to fix a website’s SEO issues, and implement any strategies needed to increase SEO rankings

  • SEO Content Creation & Publishing - once a website is set up correctly for SEO we need to create content focused on keywords to help the site earn more rankings and drive more traffic.  Content needs to be fresh and mobile friendly. We recommend at least 2 pieces of content per month under a retainer.


Search Engine Marketing can be a very useful tool to a client, yet it is often misused and implemented incorrectly.  Google offers hundreds of ways to execute SEM through their platform, and we are proponents of clients owning their own Google Ads account. We believe in transparency with data and clicks that are purchased. We are certified in many programs offered by Google for their Ads platform. 

  • SEM Plan - a detailed plan outlining what keywords, behaviors and strategies should be implemented for a client with recommended monthly budget. Includes performance forecast of clicks and web traffic

  • SEM Campaign Creation & Implementation - creation of the actual ads that will be loaded into the platforms and set up of the accounts and campaigns.  Implementation also requires we set up pixels for tagging and measuring conversions of the campaign

  • SEM Optimization - review of existing campaign and a list of recommendations to improve the performance