Analytics and Lead Generation and Funnels


If you can’t prove it did it happen?  Analytics is what the CEO really wants, and one of the main reasons clients like to spend money in digital.  We can show them so. Much. data.

We build and implement tools for our partners to white label their own analytics reporting. We also deliver custom created analytics reports using multiple types of data and geek out on showing client’s all of the things we know and trends we see in their business and customers. 

We sell analytics under a retainer agreement of hours, often bundled with other services. 

Deliverables include:

  • Setting up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager

  • Setting up Goals and Conversions

  • Creating dashboards and KPI’s in a web-based format that automatically populates with live data

  • Audience and regional analysis of locations for strategic planning

  • Creation of CPA, Lifetime Value and Attribution Models

Lead Generation & Funnels

Marketing technology has created a sub-culture of funnel builders and lead generation systems.  We are certified in several and can build landing pages, email sequences, lead magnets and campaigns that generate leads for clients.   This type of digital marketing can be a great fit for client’s who are very focused on leads, calls and ROI. We sell this service as a flat set up fee and ongoing retainer for clients.  

  • Lead Generation Program - includes 2 funnels, launch plan and content strategy

    • Set up - automation and workflow logic, sequencing and funnels

    • Content Library (ebook, webinar, email template, video, landing page)

  • Ongoing management of lead gen program - optimization, reporting, content generation

    • May require paid digital media campaign and social media support