Acquisition & Investor Presentations

We have been asked to review potential acquisitions by Private Equity Firms and Investors to look at the details and verify data and marketing information for proof, accuracy and additional competitive detail. We help uncover valuable assets that can make a company worth more (such as a one-word domain name). 

  • SEO can be a valuable asset, especially if they are outperforming the competitor

  • Databases can also be extremely valuable

  • Affiliate Programs - does the client have a well run affiliate program where influencers are selling the client’s product?

  • Competitive Intel - we can big brother the digisphere and show data most investors don’t know exists

  • Alternative Revenue Streams - you can sell your data on data marketplaces, you can sell leads to other partners, etc, etc

  • Strategy - sometimes the acquisition can open up new opportunities most had not thought of